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Dear Affiliate,

I created Trading Concepts in 1994 to educate traders and have since helped thousands of people become more successful trading in the futures, options, stock, forex markets. My business has been successful for the last 16 years because I offer top quality products that really work for people wanting to make money trading.

I have recently created this affiliate program to expand my audience, and I’m ready to start writing you huge commission checks for sending me new customers.

I am looking forward to working with you,

Todd Mitchell
Trading Concepts, Inc.

Affiliate Program Details

Major launch products (our Jeff Walker-style launch products — also great for evergreen sales with high commissions and private launches as well!):

  • E-Mini Success Formula 2.0
  • ETF Trading Mastery
  • Forex for Profits
  • Fractal Energy for Weekly Options
  • OptionsMD (Launch and Evergreen Editions)
  • Power Stock Trading Strategies 2.0

Small products (our mini-launch products — ideal for short send cycles and can be promoted completely in one send!):

  • Advanced Iron Condors
  • Calendar Spreads for Low-Volatility Markets
  • Choppiness Indicator
  • Fractal Energy Trading
  • Introduction to Iron Condors
  • Opening Bell Income Strategy
  • OptionsMD Start-Up Edition (Online Edition)
  • Swing Trading Stocks and ETFs for Weekly Income
  • The Hindenburg Strategy
  • Thursday Morning Income Strategy


  • 35% commissions first tier
  • 10% second tier
  • Excellent Tracking Software – InfusionSoft.
  • Lifetime Commissions – Your active leads are permanently marked as yours. If you are an active affiliate and your active lead buys through any affiliate program URL, no matter when or what affiliate program product the prospect buys, the commissions are YOURS!
  • Three easy ways to stay active – promote any of our launches, run your own private launch with any of our affiliate program products, or send to your list for your own creative idea with one of our mentors or products! Don’t worry if your send schedule is tight — even one send every 6 months keeps you active!
  • Simple Payout Structure – 70% paid 30 days after the end of the month it was earned, and the rest paid 60 days after the end of the month it was earned.
  • Get Paid the Way YOU Want – Receive your commissions by check or PayPal
  • Trading Concepts, Inc. maintains a NO SPAM policy. We are dedicated to protecting your leads from spam. Our easy opt-out system protects our list and the leads you send our way, and any affiliate that is not compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act risks forfeiture of all commissions.


Dedicated Affiliate Staff

Edward C. Turner, Chief Operating Officer and Affiliate Manager for Trading Concepts, will be your main point of contact for the affiliate program! Here are his details:
email: edward (at) tradingconceptsinc (dot) com
phone: 321-939-3881
skype: edward.c.turner
Google chat: ect (at) tradingconceptsinc (dot) com

David J. Kosmider, Affiliate Marketing Consultant for Trading Concepts
email: david (at) hillseven (dot) com
phone: 859-327-9437
skype: david.kosmider

Kristen Hayse, Affiliate Manager for MarketGauge
email: kristenhayse22 (at) gmail (dot) com
skype: kris2220

3 Types of Marketing

As you probably are aware, Jeff Walker-style product launches are the hot thing right now and the best way to make a ton of sales quickly, but that’s not the only way to make money with affiliate marketing. We also provide several “evergreen” pieces that you can send to your list at any time and a large number of small product launches that can sell in as little as one send. And finally we constantly have new articles, videos, and other time sensitive information we provide that you can use to get customers into one of our sales processes.

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