Doubled Account In 32 Trading Days

In today's video I show you a LIVE trade in the 30 Year T-Bond (USH16) futures that resulted in $1,562 in profits. I also discuss my trading from October 14th to November 27th trading one T-Bond contract which resulted in doubling the account. Be sure to watch the video for all the details and see how you can learn to do the same thing.

Identifying Good Trade Location By Using a “Weight of Evidence” Approach

In today's video, I discuss combining the bigger picture contextual view of the market with a "weight of evidence" approach for identifying high probability low risk trade ideas. This morning, several things aligned setting up a great long entry just after 10:30am ET only a couple of points up off of the low of the day. I hope some of the things I discussed here in today's video helps you in your own trading.