3 Winners and 1 Loser… Plus +6.25 E-Mini S&P Points

In today's video, I recap the trades that we took in our LIVE E-Mini Trading Room this morning. I also included a recording of two of them. We had 3 Winners and 1 Loser for a gain of plus +6.25 E-Mini S&P points today. It was a very educational day in the trading room this morning and I hope you learn a lot from today's video. Have a great day!

03-24-2015 BLOG

Very Small Losing Day with OBIS and a Profitable Day with TC Method

Not all trading methods are created equal and losses can't be avoided if you're going to play! In today's video recap I go over the trades that we took in our LIVE E-Mini Trading Room and couple of trades that set up early this afternoon. Unfortunately not all trades (or days) are profitable... LUCK dominates in the short-term, however, PROBABILITIES play out in the long-term. We, as traders, just have to focus on the correct process, and if we've got a good trading strategy with favorable reward-to-risk trade ideas, then the odds will play out in our favor and we'll make money in the long run!

$860 In Profits Trading The Mini Dow Futures

On today's video I recorded a beautiful long trade in the E-Mini Dow (YMM15) futures that pretty much caught the bottom at 9:45am ET, even though I was wrong on the first entry. The trade was good for a profit of $860...so please be sure to watch the video to get all the details. Have a profitable day and hope the video helps.