Enough “Weight of Evidence” to Call it a Momentum Shift

In today's video I go over a Momentum Shift trade that occurred in the E-Mini S&P 500 Futures contract this morning which was good for anywhere between +3.00 to +4.50 E-Mini S&P points. When momentum shifts occur, you typically have to use the NYSE TICK to help time your entry as a pullback in the ES will be very shallow. Watch today's video to learn more about how to identify and trade these set-ups. I hope this helps you in your own trading!

Plus +9.50 E-Mini S&P Points Shorting this Morning

In today's video I briefly go over the live trades we took in our LIVE E-Mini Trading Room that resulted in a net gain of plus +9.50 ES Points. Our primary focus this morning was on selling the market since the bigger picture bias is bearish and market internals confirmed shorting at resistance zones. I hope you enjoy today's video... have a profitable week!

Up +8.25 E-Mini S&P Points Today after a Counter-Trend Trade this Afternoon

In today's video I recorded a LIVE trade in the E-Mini S&P 500 Futures contract for another gain of +4.50 points (up +8.25 points today or $412.50 per contract). This afternoon's trade setup was a combination of a selling climax into a Monthly Floor Trader Pivot in confluence with a Key Trade Zone and an extreme NYSE TICK reading... and using the ATR to determine that this trade setup was at a range extreme. Watch today's video to learn more! I hope you learn some things here that you can start applying in your own trading. Have a great weekend!