Identifying Good Trade Location By Using a “Weight of Evidence” Approach

In today's video, I discuss combining the bigger picture contextual view of the market with a "weight of evidence" approach for identifying high probability low risk trade ideas. This morning, several things aligned setting up a great long entry just after 10:30am ET only a couple of points up off of the low of the day. I hope some of the things I discussed here in today's video helps you in your own trading.

Good LIVE Short Trade In T-Bonds

On today's video I was able to short the T-Bond (USZ15) futures one tick from the high (153'27 - high became 153'28 before moving to the low of the day...153'12) before taking out the high of the day later in the day. It was a good trade for sure - be sure to watch the whole video and hope the video helps you in your own trading.