Forex & E-Mini LIVE Trading Rooms!

Finally! Find out what it’s like to sit next to a professional trader!
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Watch real professional traders make LIVE TRADES right before your eyes!

Here’s just a quick list of what our LIVE TRADING ROOM offers:

  1. Live Coaching — listen to a professional trader walk you through how and why he takes a trade (even before it happens!). Got questions? Type your question into the chat box and get an immediate and personal response!
  2. Get Entries, Stops and Profit Objectives — navigate through the market by watching, in real time, a professional trader place his entry, stop loss and profit objective!
  3. Master the Trading Concepts Methodology — there’s nothing better than being able to watch and ask questions before you trade!
  4. Learn to Think and Act Like a Professional Trader — discover the discipline, patience and strength of mind that professional traders use to make money day after day!
  5. Be the FIRST to Discover Our Newest Strategies — when we create a new strategy, we’ll walk you through the details and trade it live! You’ll get the scoop weeks before anyone else!

Due to the personal nature of the Trading Rooms, membership is STRICTLY limited and this offer will sell out soon!

The BEST Way to Super-Charge Your Potential and Results!

This Program is SOLD OUT to Non-Students and is Only Available to Current Students of Trading Concepts.
Students that are interested in signing up for this program are encouraged to call 800-664-3343.