ToddLet Me Give You All the Details on My Program so That After You Read This and Listen to the Videos YOU Will See Why This is the Most Comprehensive, Step-by-Step, Easy-to-Learn and Effective Mentoring Program in the Industry...and Why You Won't Find Another FOREX Trading Program Like It Around.

For DAILY & Multi-Day Income… Spend Evenings Trading the Most Liquid Markets in the World… Perfect for Those of You That Work During the Day.


First of all, THANK YOU for taking your valuable time to read more about my FOREX For Profits Mentoring Program. I want to show you that I'm different from other educators, so please do me a favor and read this entire page along with watching the videos. Be sure to give me a call at 248-320-1115 if you have more questions. I want you to know that I truly value each and every student that comes through my door, and I will give you all my trading knowledge and experience so you too can become consistently successful in trading the Forex market.

Now look, I know there are probably MORE Forex trading courses, systems, robots, ebooks, trade alert services, and software on the web than any other type of trading product, so you definitely need to be skeptical of almost everything you read. Please realize that everything inside my mentoring program is a culmination of over 24 years (since 1988) of trading experience. There are not many educators out there that have been around as long as I have, and not too many (if any) that are using the same trading strategies that have stood the test of time. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

You see, the E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 Mentoring Program is my flagship program here at Trading Concepts; I've been teaching the trading strategies inside this program since 1994. Since the core principles of how I trade are so robust (meaning they work in all markets and all time frames), I decided a few years ago to put together a comprehensive, step-by-step mentoring program specifically for the Forex market. I would say 70% of the trading principles taught inside the Forex For Profits Mentoring Program are taken directly from my E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 Mentoring Program (tailored of course to fit the Forex market) because of the robustness and effectiveness across all markets, and there are of course other key factors that are taught in this mentoring program specifically relating to the Forex market only.

Just like I said on the E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 Mentoring Program page, I'm NOT going to feed you any hyped up garbage to appeal to greed; too many others do that. I'm only going to tell you what I believe is realistically possible according to my own personal Forex trading experiences and those of hundreds of my Forex students internationally. I do however believe that what you will learn inside my mentoring program will help change your life and the way you trade the Forex market forever! And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a new trader or you have been trading for years; I've taught all types of traders - beginner, intermediate, & advanced (and everyone in between) - how to become more successful.

One of the most educational tools you will have at your disposal is the ability to access the Exclusive Members’ Area...

... where there are 15 to 20+ minute videos (along with a chart) every single trading day as if you were sitting next to me or Jared Putnam (one of my protégés). You will be taken through each and every trade set up, bar by bar, as if you were sitting right alongside me or Jared. Watch and learn as we explain in detail the trade set-ups, entries, exits, trade management, psychology, and complete thought process behind each and every trade. Complete trade sequences will be spelled out for you in an easy to understand format. You can of course watch these videos as many times as you want, and you can go into the archives and look at past videos dating back years. This is an extremely powerful learning tool, and the feedback from my students always has been absolutely phenomenal, to say the least!

The program materials included inside the FOREX For Profits Mentoring Program, of course, will teach you all the trading strategies in great detail to trade the Forex market successfully. What these daily videos will help you with is reinforcing and expediting your learning by showing you the trading strategies in action as if you were sitting next to us live! This is literally priceless, and you have Unlimited Access to these videos. I truly believe this will be one of the most powerful and profound learning tools in your entire trading education.

Alright, let me finally break down my entire
FOREX For Profits Mentoring Program
for you so you can see the incredible opportunity you now have available to you.


The FOREX For Profits Mentoring Program™
Program Pyramid

  • FOREX For Profits™ is Delivered ONLINE! You get to learn from other Trading Concepts students; simply ask your questions directly under the module that you’re watching and learn from the questions others are asking, and you’ll be able to interact with other like-minded Trading Concepts students! It will be a FANTASTIC interactive learning community! Of course, you can call and email me at anytime as well!
  • Videos Explaining EVERY Single Training Module! You get a video of me explaining in great detail TONS of actual trade setups, entries, exits, and trade management examples so you easily can see how it applies to your current trading; no more guesswork - it will all be very clear and concise and, more importantly, easy for you to apply immediately! Every single training module also contains a PDF file for you to read as well.
  • LOTS of Checklists, Strategy Guides and Cheat Sheets! You get trading Checklists, Strategy Guides, and Cheat Sheets to help you organize and understand the trading strategies and overall methodology so that it’s both easy to implement and mechanical in nature for you!
  • 8 Webinars Recorded & Archived to help you further Accelerate Your Learning & Real-World Application!
  • UNLIMITED Personal Email and Phone Support...just give me a call or email; after all, that's what I'm here help YOU become a consistently successful Forex trader, right?!
  • UNLIMITED Access into the Exclusive Members’ Area where Daily VIDEOs and Charts are archived for YOU on a Daily Basis so you can learn on a daily basis the potential trades that are setting up. This is literally priceless and you have access to this indefinitely!

Forex Basic Trading™

If you’re not making the money you think you should (and could) be making trading the FOREX currency markets, you definitely want to pay close attention to this level of the program pyramid. These trading basics are not basics at all; they are the backbone and framework that has to be learned at the deepest level by any serious trader, and they can be referred to as the "missing link" between traders that go on to have long, successful trading careers and others that are lucky just to get by. This is where the rubber meets the road and where I spill the beans on what it takes to make it big in the FOREX currency market.

Inside of these 10 power-packed trading modules, I cover everything from Money Management and Trade Sizing (this is the most overlooked part of trading...yet probably the most important to your ultimate trading success - without this, you will not make money!) to Building a Trader Business Plan - all the way through to the basics of placing an order using order matrices from various software programs available from most trading brokers. Whether you’re an advanced trader or a total newbie, there are a whole lot of vital things in here for you to become a more profitable trader.

You're also going to get my…
FOREX For Profits Position Sizing Calculator™

Forex Principles Of Trading Mastery™

  • Module 1: Market Foundation & Building Blocks™ This is where I lay out the framework and foundation to the most successful and consistently profitable (in my personal opinion) way to view charts. You will never, ever look at a chart in the same way; it undoubtedly will bring you back to the basics where you will not ever use a bunch of technical indicators cluttering up your charts again. Simplicity is what it's all about - pure price action at its finest, and that's what you're going to learn in this training module.
  • Module 2: Market Flow Analysis Method (MFAM)™ Imagine being able to tell with total accuracy when a trend begins and ends so that you’re rarely ever caught on the wrong side of a trade again! That’s exactly what this trading module will cover - in greater detail than you’ve ever seen before. This will be your, “Aha!” moment - I can almost guarantee you that. You will never look at a chart the same way again. Literally hundreds of traders over the years have told me that this was their, “Aha!” moment in their trading. This is where module 1 leaves off and takes it to the next level.
  • Module 3: Support & Resistance™ I go through with you the importance of pure and raw support and resistance and how it's used in conjunction with the Market Flow Analysis Method (MFAM). You will be astonished at how this ties in beautifully with the MFAM and how it will take you back to the basics, which in turn will show you how to use it for maximum success.
  • Module 4: Fibonacci Retracements™ Fibonacci retracements are one of my most valuable tools in my trading plan. You will discover how you can use them to measure the strength of a trend, identify support and resistance, and how to use them to improve the timing of BOTH your entries and exits. And they're not complicated like many others try to make you believe. Using retracements in conjunction with the MFAM absolutely will blow you away, and you will soon wonder why you haven't used them before in the way I'm going to show you. This is one of the tools I’ve truly perfected over the years. You've never seen them presented or used the way I'm going to show you here.
  • Module 5: Keltner Channel Bands™ What I'm going to teach you here will take you away forever from ever wanting to use the Bollinger Bands again. In my opinion, the Bollinger Bands are useless; instead, the Keltner Channel Bands give you greater insight. The way I use them is different than how others use them. This training module undoubtedly will be an eye opener for you and WILL give you a type of market entry that you probably have never seen before. You truly will enjoy this module.
  • Module 6: Key Moving Averages™ Since 1988, I’ve used these moving averages to help in the overall structure and clarity of how I trade and filter out trades. These averages represent important institutional rudders and, used correctly, greatly can help identify tradable opportunities that most people will never see. Only true trading professionals use them in their trading to make their living; now you will too!
  • Module 7: Trend Change Criteria™ Trading is all about stacking the probabilities in your favor, right? So, what I did was come up with three specific criteria - in which only two of them need to be met - for an official trend to change either from down to up or from up to down. This helps greatly in the overall probabilities of having a successful trade, and that is exactly what you will learn in this training module. The criteria taught here can be used in any market and any time frame; that's how powerful and robust these criteria are.
  • Module 8: Volume Analysis™ Volume generally is considered to be one of the most valuable keys to reading charts successfully (second only to price), especially for stocks and stock index futures trading. I do agree with that, and maybe it's not as important for trading the Forex market, but knowing this information, believe it or not, also can benefit you in your Forex trading. Therefore, I decided to reveal six of my best kept volume secrets for determining when a trend ends, begins, and continues with high probabilities to help add another layer to module seven. Once you combine this powerful information with the MFAM and Powerful Price Patterns, Volume undoubtedly will become an integral part of your overall trading plan - whether it's for trading the Forex or any other market.

Forex Pro Trading Strategies™

  • Module 1: Initial Trend Entry™ Not all trend trades (or trends) are created equal; you will discover in this module what must happen before you make your first initial trend trade - or else you could end up getting in too early. I'm going to show you exactly when and where you should be entering the market with sniper precision, so your risk is very minimal™ and that's really the key to making consistent profits with very little drawdown.
  • Module 2: Extreme Running Patterns™ This powerful trade set up is a pure momentum play that will help ensure that you will never miss a big move in the Forex market again (or any market you decide to trade). I will show you both an aggressive trade set up and a more conservative trade set up so that it fits your personality and temperament. Nobody enjoys missing large moves in the market, and this particular trading strategy will guarantee that you won't miss that big move again.
  • Module 3: Same Bar OVB Entry™ This particular trading strategy is based off of my very favorite price bar pattern; candlestick users call it the Engulfing Pattern, and those that don't use candlesticks call it the Outside Vertical Bar. I have a short-term trade set-up based off this price bar that will blow your mind in terms of accuracy and risk-to-reward ratio. Once I teach you the exact rules of this trade, you'll wonder why you haven't been able to discover it for yourself, and more importantly, you'll never trade without it again.
  • Module 4: Price Bar Pattern Trade Set Ups™ You will learn three (3) different price bar patterns with incredible risk-to-reward ratios, which also provide very definitive price targets and stops. I believe I helped revolutionize the way traders look at individual bar charts (candlesticks if that's what you use), and the trade set ups I teach in this trading module undoubtedly will help take your trading to a higher level. After going through this module, you will not look at charts in the same way.
  • Module 5: Trade Management™ Once you learn the trading strategies, finding a new trade becomes easy, but it’s how you manage the trade that makes the difference between a ‘so-so’ trade and a real money maker! For all intents and purposes, when you enter the market, the trade should be over. You need to have everything spelled out A to Z before entering in terms of where to place your initial stop loss, when and where to move that stop so you risk less money, when and where to take profits, and how to trail the market so you can milk the trade for everything it's worth. I teach you all that and much more in this module. You'll absolutely love it; nothing is left to guesswork. This undoubtedly will help boost your trading consistency and profitability immediately.
  • Module 6: Price Action Analysis™ In this module, you will learn nine (9) specific price bars that will make you look at a chart in a whole new light. In fact, you will be able to read a chart like you read the daily newspaper. This is micro analysis because I dissect each price bar to the point of knowing exactly where the next price bar should go. After going through this module, you will not look at charts in the same way. You will have intricate knowledge on how to read price that most traders do not know™ this is guaranteed to help in your trading EDGE!

The FOREX Pro Trader™

  • Module 1: Trading Psychology™ You - along with everybody else who trades - have heard how important trading psychology is when it comes to trading successfully, right? In fact, some say that 90% of your trading success comes from having the right mindset - in other words, the correct trading psychology. The first 3 to 4 years of my trading career, I didn't really pay all that much attention to this aspect of trading. Only after that period did I begin to realize how very important psychology is to your overall trading success. That's why I decided to include an entire module devoted specifically to this very important subject. Now look, I'm not a psychologist, nor do I propose to be; all I can say is that I've been trading a long time now (since 1988), and I'm going to give you what I think is extremely important for you to know. Also included here are 10 of my favorite books devoted to this subject. This module alone will shave years off your trading learning curve when it comes to trading psychology, and it will help put you on the right path immediately!
  • Module 2: Trading Plan Execution ™ One of the biggest rookie mistakes happens when traders think they know how to trade when, in fact, properly executing a trading plan is a skill every professional trader learns to master. I go into the exact details of what you need to know (and master) before you put on a live trade.
  • Module 3: Program Summary™ This is where everything is summed up and streamlined even more for you in a PDF file and video (just like all the modules in this program). I also provide you with a Quick Reference PDF Checklist of the ENTIRE program! You absolutely will love this module because it undoubtedly will make it even easier for you to execute your trades without any guesswork! In fact, you can keep the Quick Reference (PDF) Checklist right by your side while you are trading to help make everything easier for you, so you don't miss anything.

Alright, Let Me Wrap This Up

I truly believe that my FOREX For Profits Mentoring Program is the best, most comprehensive, step-by-step mentoring program available on the market today; there's nothing like it around. You see, I want to be completely different than other educators out there by giving you every single bit of information, knowledge, skill set, strategy, tip, trick, and technique that you need to trade the Forex market successfully and consistently (for the long-term). Please remember that I do not let just anybody into this mentoring program; you have to be a serious trader that is willing to put in the time and effort to succeed. That being said, I only allow a handful of traders into the FOREX For Profits Mentoring Program every so often; so, if you decide to enroll in the program and it says it's full, just leave your name and email address, and we will contact you when it opens up again.

As you can tell by now, I’M EXCITED about my Forex For Profits Mentoring Program! You see, I’ve been trading the markets now since 1988 and teaching traders like yourself since 1994, and I’m still as excited and enthusiastic about it as I was back then; I believe trading is the greatest and most lucrative business in the world! I would love to share my experiences with you and teach you everything I know. I’m 100% confident not only that my training program will teach you how to become a consistently successful trader, but also that it will become a life changing experience for you and your family! The trading strategies and overall methodology you will learn will last you for the rest of your trading career - I promise you that!

THANK YOU for taking your valuable time to read through this material and to watch the videos on this page. If you want to speak to me personally, I certainly welcome your phone call: (800) 664-3343 or (248) 593-5851. Have a great day, and I truly hope to be hearing from you in the near future.

Good Trading & Best in Life,

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Here's What REAL People Are
Saying About My Program...


Hi Todd
I’m thrilled to have found you and your trading program. I’ve been exposed to forex for the past 8-10 months (only simulation trading so far), but I’ve been looking for a consistently profitable methodology, and you’ve already provided a couple of very reliable strategies in your introductory videos. I am looking forward to more great content. Again, Todd, thank you for your time and knowledge … and your passion & enthusiasm … and, with the education you’re providing, I look forward to consistent success as a forex trader. All the best, Bob Parrish


Hello Todd,
You called me after I purchased your program (Audrey K. referred me). I also received a message from a Mr. Turner. Thank you for the great customer service. It is nice to know you are there should I need help. To be honest with you, the trading program was so easy for me to follow that I haven't really had any questions, so I haven't called you or anyone else.

I watch the videos and check the charts each day to determine if I followed your methods correctly. Other than that I really haven't needed any help as you did such a good job explaining your trading method. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for sharing this as it has made a huge difference not only in my trading, but my confidence of knowing with a high degree of probability that my trade will be successful.

When I traded previously, I didn't have any foresight or trust in my indicators to accurately determine where the market was going. After all, I don't want to know where the market was, I want to know where it's going. I have and will continue to recommend your trading program to others who ask me about trading. All the best to you, Mike O'Reilly


Hi there Todd!
Hope all is well on your side. My first 10 days live, and my account is up by 8 %, with 2-3 trades per day! I can’t tell you how happy I am having found your trading program…..if I could give you a huge Thank You HUG, I would !! Have a great day, Edna


Hi Todd,
I want to thank you again for showing me a great trading methodology and for being available when I need your advice. I Started studying your program in November 2007 and I have been applying your strategies since then. I started very slowly and added contracts once I had some consistency and up to now my profits are over $55,000 which I think is not too bad for a novice trader like me. Before taking your trading program it was impossible for me to think about that. In your program I have all I need to be successful trading the forex or whatever market I decide to trade. I love when I sit in front of a chart and I'm able to read it like a newspaper, before taking your course you told me I would be able to do it, and you were absolutely right. By the way, you can certainly tell people that I am up 55K! Thanks again, Joan


This is Davie Tate...
For the first time in 10 years of disappointing results, I feel that I have a serious chance to trade professionally for a living due to your trading program, thanks again!


I want to start by thanking you for your excellent trading program and continued guidance through your daily charts and videos. I have been trading with great success over the last few months thanks to you! Many thanks again... Graham Harding


Thank you for the time we spent together this morning. It was very helpful to talk things out and to walk through trade set-ups and how to manage potential trades. It was a true mentoring session and I feel it was very beneficial and believe my confidence level is a little higher and my understanding of your course teachings better understood after our session. I would also like to acknowledge your encouragement to call you anytime to help me become a better trader. As I told you over the phone, your program is exactly what I needed as far as helping me identify and apply a methodology to trading. Your insights, mentoring and support only add to my conviction to become a consistently profitable trader. Thanks again Todd. I look forward to talking with you again soon... Steve Kohout


Hi Todd,
Stephen Brocker here and I received access to your exclusive members area yesterday. I’ve got to tell you, you truly are a master of your craft. I watched the daily videos and analyzed your daily charts for about 3 hours last night. Your depth of knowledge and understanding of price action, the principles, methodology, and theory that drives your trading program is amazing. You truly are a master trader who I will strive to emulate. After seeing the quality of your daily charts and daily videos, I know your trading program will be the best investment towards my trading that I have ever made. Thank you for all of your time and effort. Stephen Brocker


I wanted to tell you that your trading program is absolutely is by far the best, clearest, most comprehensive, and just plain is the best trading program that I have ever seen….Loving it! Thanks for contacting me…but I am already a devotee! Gay Wilhelm


Dear Todd,
I would like to mention that since enrolling in your trading program, and many others after that…looking for the ‘holy grail”, none of the other courses compare to yours in terms of comprehensiveness, education of the trading process, and the level of confidence in learning how to trade. Thanks again for everything you do Todd... Jerry Cramer


Hey Todd,
I just wanted to tell you that I feel the integrity of Trading Concepts is far and away the best, that's why you are the only education company that I deal with. The E-mini futures program and the Forex trading program have been outstanding. I am really looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and learning the Options MD program next. Thank you again for all of your help. Sincerely, Scott Rogers


Dear Mr. Mitchell,
In all my life, I have never, ever have done business with a more respectable, moral, ethical partner than you and your company. It is my pleasure to have had the chance to have been able to make your acquaintance. As soon as I have picked up the slack at my end I certainly will turn to you and your company for my trading education.
My best regards, Shabaz


I always enjoy listening to you teach the trading material – you have a passion for it and I am motivated by your enthusiasm! Thanks again, Jeff


Hi Todd,
I have just finished the 4th module in Trading Success Principles 1 and I have to say this is a revelation. This looks like the best investment in the markets I have made in three years. I have purchased all sorts of trading methods and systems in none of which ever seemed to live up to the promises made. However this looks like the real deal, simple but logical. Looking forward to the next step and learning a whole lot more from you. Thanks and best regards, Gary Benjamin


Hello Todd,
It’s great to work with someone who has such a high level of personal integrity. I am really enjoying the forex trading program and your approach to teaching. All of my indicator based trading methods of the past are finally being revealed as an inferior way to trade the markets. This is exciting stuff and I am looking forward to re-building my trading foundation around your trading program. Thanks, Don Hoban


Hi Todd,
Just a quick note to let you know that I find your trading program fascinating and very educational. My confidence and knowledge is growing module by module, day by day! Cheers, John


Good Morning Ed;
I am writing you this email today as an extreme thanks for guiding me to my current path.

As you know I have spent years trying to find my way in the markets and attempting to find a path to becoming consistently profitable. You sir have helped to point me in the right direction! I came across Todd's trading program through a friend who is also a prior student of his; Jim Herndon. I arrived on your doorstep with a certain level of skepticism and an equal amount of respect. You see the skepticism was not about Todd's materials, but rather in myself and being able to interpret and apply the information in such a way that would take me to a different place in my trading career. The respect came automatically knowing that Jim would not steer me in the wrong direction.

When I first spoke with you on the phone, there was a certain amount of confidence in your voice about Todd's program that could not be missed or ignored. You were extremely gracious and very open with information about the training materials, how you use them and how they would help me.

Once I returned from my trip and after careful consideration and a few more conversations with you, I purchased the program. I dove right in to the Quick Start guide to get a basic understanding of what is contained in the training program. With my charts by my side I started to see exactly what was being explained in the program. Then came the real test...applying it in real time.

For the first time ever I have been consistently profitable in my trading! I closed out my first month in the black and have been compounding that into my second month which will also be again profitable. To make the kind of gains that I have been making extremely consistently has built not only my confidence but also my account. I have had all the pieces of the puzzle rattling around in my head for years, but it wasn’t until going through Todd’s training program that the pieces were put together in the form of a map that is leading me from being a slave to my job and geographic location to being a able to rely on myself for my income and live anywhere there is a data feed.

For the first time I can sit in front of my charts during my trading hours and read price action like I am reading a book, or as Todd says like reading a newspaper. By being able to determine where price is likely to go next and being able to determine weakness in a move at support and resistance levels, has allowed me to determine excellent entry and exit points. A few friends of mine have gotten wind of what I am doing and are now asking how they can get involved. My trading career may be taking yet another turn in that I may be managing a small fund for friends and family. So with this note I again thank you for your time, patience, and assistance in guiding me down my current path. I travel to FL frequently, (actually it’s about monthly) and during one of my trips would very much like to shake the hand of the man that has helped set me on my way. With extreme gratitude, and all my best to you and yours, Steve Vickers


Thanks Todd.
I loved your reply..When I read it, it went automatically into my long term memory with a smack. That’s one I’ll never forget and I should email you more often because what you say to me directly hits like a ton of bricks...thanks for being you..Jan

I was lucky this is the first major program I bought…I bought a lot of trash programs around FX, even after buying your program Todd's program,I'm new and have doing a lot of "research", slow to get going,,, and glad I didn't jump right in,, more to learn about the program, the markets, and about my own "stuff" ala Trading in the Zone, etc,,, but this whole thing has been great, the way the room, the other traders, the reading recommendations, the moderators, etc,,, much thanks,,, in the long run it will save me a lot of grief,,, I think if I hadn't gotten into this program I probably would have already given up on trading... even though I'm still paper trading... so, thanks to you, Todd, and the others. James N.

Thank you Todd…
that is what I love about your trading program…there is a definitive answer for everything…Thank you, Kristin Mondo

Dear Todd,
First, I have applied some of what I have learnt from you - the 30 min breakout - patiently waiting for a retracement into the upper / lower bands etc - and have actual increased my account little by little by about 7% in the last 4 weeks. A BIG improvement for me and I would be very happy doing that every month.

Secondly, your mentoring program brings together in an understandable logical way so much of what I have struggled with trading wise - use of Fibs - Tick index to name but two. And believe me I have spent a considerable amount of time and money during the last 7 years in search of what seemed to be an elusive quest - to become a successful trader. Thank you for everything Todd & Kindest Regards…John

Hello Todd,
I want to thank you for this course, I just whiched I had done it a few years back. It has been very informative and I now have a system I can rely on....if I only follow my trading rules all the time, it would be great...but I'm getting there…Thanks again, Lysanne Parisien

Thanks Todd you are so helpful and supportive. Regards, SL Tan


Hey Todd,
Thanks for getting back to me so promptly! That's what I always liked about you and your company! You give personal service which makes me feel you truly do care in my success and makes me feel part of your trading family! So Thanks So Much! James Fabiani

Hi Todd,
First of all, I have learned a tremendous amount from you over the past few weeks. I am finally starting to see the charts instead of just looking at them. Dave Cohen

As your records will show, I have been a student of your methods for a long time, and thanks to you, I have done quite well. I really do credit the methods you taught me with what success I have had. Thanks again and keep up the good work. You truly are one of the few reputable people in the business. Michael Troiano

You have no idea how many times I said Thank You, Thank You, Thank You and Thank God! You are a true professional and I'm so grateful. Should I ever be in a position to do what I had hoped, I will look you up. God Bless, Maria Lewis

Hi Todd,
I would like to say I find your program to be a great source of inspiration and although it has taken me many years now to be in the profit zone in the Forex market, I certainly see great promise. I spent many years trying to master the Forex market scalping on the smaller time frames with great frustration, but I am finally having some success on the larger time frames on the Forex. I appreciate all your advice in the markets, keep up the good work. Thanks again, Rob Hoefsloot

I joined your Forex For Profits program and have already gone over all the videos that are currently available. I have been applying your methodology since I started your program and the results are fantastic. What I appreciate the most is I finally feel in control of my trades and have an understanding of what trends are and how to be in the trend in at an early stage. In the past I always hear people talking about to follow the trend, but it is easy to see the trend after the fact. Trading Concept really shows me how to be in with the trend. I'm still have a lot to learn and practice, especially in trade management of setting and honor the stops and let my winners run. However, I feel much more confident when I place trades and able to honor my stops. I am no longer concerned that I will get stopped out at market highs or lows. Amanda

Thanks Todd,
Outstanding material, presentation, and results so far. Thanks for it all…Dave

I always enjoy listening to you teach this material - you have a passion for it and I am motivated by your enthusiasm! Thanks, Jeff

Hi Todd,
I have just finished the 4th module in Trading Success Principles I and I have to say this is a revelation. This looks like the best investment in the markets I have made in three years. I have purchased all sorts of trading methods and systems, none of which ever seemed to live up to the promises made. However, this looks like the real deal, simple but logical. Looking forward to the next step. Thanks and best regards, Gary Benjamin