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Layout Image Let Me, Doc Severson, Give You an 'Unfair Advantage' by Giving You My Own Personal Trades Through the Income Rx Daily VIDEO Options Newsletter. You will be Shown Step-by-Step the 'How's' and 'Why's' Behind Each and Every Trade Combined with 24/7 Exclusive Members' Area Access Where You Will Have Other Powerful Trading Tools and Resources at Your Disposal so... You Too Can Earn Consistent Monthly OPTIONS Income!

Hello, my name is Doc Severson, and I want to start off first by THANKING you personally for coming to the Income RX Daily Video Options Newsletter part of the website. I'm excited to tell you more about what this opportunity is all about and how you too can greatly benefit from my years of options trading experience and what I personally do on a daily you 'look over my shoulder.' After working with thousands of Options traders over the years, the feedback that I hear over and over again from these traders is always the same...

"Help me become a consistent trader!!"

If you're like thousands of other Options traders, you already know that Options are the investing vehicle for the next millennium; you already know that Options can be used in Bull, Bear, or Sideways markets; you already know that Options can be used to create consistent monthly income!

So, why aren't more Options traders profiting?

The issue is FOCUS. Most programs teach you to search through the entire Stock Market for your "needle in the haystack" candidates, and once you spend the time to find these "guaranteed winners," you have to figure out which one of the 42 available Options strategies to apply to these stocks!

You become a Jack of All Trades and a Master of None!

Options trades that you're not 100% familiar with can be easy to enter but difficult to profit from consistently! Sure, you know a lot about Options, but you're churning your account and just generating commissions for your broker. Sound familiar? So, let me simplify things for you...

All That's Required for You to Earn Consistent Income Trading the Market is:

Layout Image One or two charts & chains that we can trade month after month
Layout Image Simple, proven, robust income strategies that we can use regardless of what the Market is doing.
Layout Image A healthy dose of Risk Management and a Professional approach!

You see, unlike many other newsletter services that deal in Options, I'm not trying to find that "Needle in the Haystack"; I'm trading the entire Haystack! We stick to a couple of very liquid US Index instruments that are very predictable, and we know them like the back of our hand.

We pattern our business model on that of an Insurance Company; every month, we take in premiums from the Market, while aggressively managing risk on our positions to ensure that any "claims" against us are small and reasonable.

We are not speculating on the direction of the Market. We are running a very conservative cash-flow business modeled after Insurance Companies.

Some might even complain that my service is "boring." I do the same thing on the same one or two charts I have a very consistent approach to the Markets and the opportunities that we seek. It's like turning a crank....

But the response that I hear from the vast majority of traders that I encounter is...
"Boring is Great if it's profitable! Sign me up!"

But the one thing that I have found is that since we're so good at following one or two instruments (and we know them intimately), there's no reason why we can't "spice it up" and take on a little bit more directional risk from time to time. You see, we run our trading based on the "Income Pyramid" shown below. It's like building a house; the foundation of our trading is simple, non-directional trades, which we can play every month. As the Market shows its hand, we can add more directional risk with some additional, simple-to-follow strategies.

And the shape of the Income Pyramid shows that we're placing the smallest amount of our capital at risk with our most aggressive strategies, the Weekly options trades. By doing so, you can keep the majority of your powder safe & dry and only risk a small amount of it for those "home run" trades that help spice up your returns!

So, that's our entire purpose for this service - to show you a consistent, profitable method of trading that eliminates the clutter and teaches you the discipline of profitability!

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and other important Trade Management and Adjustment information you need to know.
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Layout Image Stock Options Trades that I'm considering for Semi-Directional,
Directional, and Weekly Positions!
Layout Image Easy to use options strategies that provide an opportunity for increased trading profits.
Layout Image Specific strategies that help you learn how to Minimize Risks while Maximizing Leverage.
Layout Image Clear & Precise Position Adjustments given to you.
Layout Image You'll be able to identify market opportunities quickly and easily and learn how to master conservative, yet very consistent, option trading strategies...effortlessly and painlessly through my Daily Email (and Video) to you.

PLUS, You Get a Whole Lot More!

I hope that you can see by now that my sincere purpose through the Income RX Daily VIDEO Newsletter is to educate, inspire, support and teach you what you really need to know in order to become a consistently profitable options trader. Regardless of your experience (ranging from a complete newbie to a more advanced options trader), I sincerely hope you'll find a home with me here.

Let Me Help You RESTORE, GROW, & PROTECT Your Retirement Account(s). . .

I will demonstrate how to get your retirement account(s) Safely & Conservatively back on track!

In good times and bad, you should know everything you can about the world of options and how they can greatly benefit you and your financial future, and I'm here to help you do just that, if you allow me to help.

You will literally have the ability to look over my shoulder five times a week as I put out the daily newsletter and video. You will get to see and hear what I'm seeing and why I'm trading a particular way. This will greatly help you learn much faster than you would learn by trying to do it yourself without any daily guidance. And please remember that you also get Exclusive Members' Area Access 24/7!

There are no exceptions and no excuses; I truly want YOU to succeed as much (and sometimes more) than you want to succeed. You see, I get a lot of joy out of teaching traders like yourself what I do on a daily basis; plus, it makes me a much better trader by keeping me on my toes and by reinforcing what I do on a daily basis - through my accountability to you.

Ok, there you have it. I hope this helps in explaining to you exactly what the Income RX Daily Options VIDEO Newsletter is all about and how it can greatly benefit you and your bottom line profitability. I'm 100% confident that this experience will be your best ever with a subscription newsletter. If you've got any other questions or would like to speak to me further, I definitely encourage you to pick up the phone and call me directly at (740) 7200-DOC; I would love to hear from you. Have a great day, and I truly hope to see you on the other side.

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Yours in Options Trading Success,
Doc Severson
(740) 7200-DOC
[email protected]
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