As a trader you definitely want to have the most advanced software and best trading tools at your disposal. Let Trading Concepts arm you with a complete arsenal of the very best trading software designed for successful (day) trading, based on over 25 years experience. This software will help take your trading to a higher, more consistently profitable level.

Trading Software for Leading Platforms


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This powerful software is based on the famous Market Flow Analysis Method (MFAM) that Todd Mitchell developed back in 1992. Not only does this software incorporate the MFAM principle, but it also incorporates two more key trading principles Todd teaches in his mentoring programs to help give you trend direction with a high degree of accuracy. This software will help eliminate a lot of complicated decision making and will help keep you on the right side of the market a majority of the time. By using this software will not only help simplify your trading, but it will also help eliminate negative emotions while trading. The Software has shown to be extremely effective with (day) trading futures, stocks, and ETF’s, commodities and the Forex market. This software also works in any time-frame. The TCI Trend Software™ ties in beautifully with the TCI Power Action Zones™.SAVE $100 and Pay Only $97 for the TCI Power Action Zones™ by Getting Both Pieces of Powerful Software…Pay Only $394 for Both! Get the TCI Trend Power Patterns™ as a FREE BONUS Valued at Over $197 when you decide to include the TCI Power Action Zones™ with the TCI Trend Software™! These powerful price patterns will help make a significant impact on your trading profits immediately.

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These TCI Power Action Zones™ are incredibly powerful when looking to enter a trending market. These ‘action zones’ will help give you precise entries into the market enabling you to keep your protective stops close, along with having a high probability of the market bouncing (when buying) or reacting (when selling) in these areas. At a quick glance of your chart you will know exactly where you should be looking to enter the market long or short in an established trend. This software has shown to be extremely effective (day) trading futures, stocks and ETF’s, commodities and the forex market. This software also works in any time-frame. These TCI Power Action Zones™ are best used in conjunction with the TCI Trend Software™. Get both TCI Power Action Zones™ & TCI Trend Software™ for only $394 and SAVE $100, PLUS Receive the TCI Power Patterns™ as a BONUS for getting both!

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The beautiful thing about this software is that it automatically plots these very powerful and important support and resistance pivot levels on your charts. The TCI Floor Pivots Software™ can be applied to futures (day) trading, stock and ETF trading, commodities and the forex market. This software plots the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and even Yearly pivot numbers for you. Having this software at your disposal each trading day will help you become more disciplined because these powerful pivots are set up for you before the trading day begins, therefore all you have to do is wait for one of these price levels to be reached to potentially initiate a trade. This in turn will undoubtedly help you become a better and more profitable trader, especially if your weakness as a trader is making “impulsive and emotional trades”.

The full training module entitled ‘Floor Trader Pivots’ inside the E-Mini Success Formula Mentoring Program will also be included here to help with your profitable use of this software.

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Convert Your Software from One Trading Platform to Another


This is if you purchased software for one platform and now need them converted to a different charting platform (i.e. Tradestation). This is only valid for one conversion at a time.

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Craig Hill, who is the lead moderator of the Trading Concepts LIVE E-Mini Trading Room, and who is one of Todd’s most successful students, created the TCI Volume Delta Software™. Craig has been a student of Trading Concepts since 2007. After a few successful years of trading, Craig has come up with a few of his own trading ideas and strategies that blend beautifully with everything he learned from Trading Concepts. These trading strategies eventually took the shape of a personal theory after he was able to isolate these recurring market characteristics, which lead him to finally create the TCI Volume Delta Software ™ to help in his own personal trading.

The TCI Volume Delta Software™ will provide you with a peek into the net order flow activity (buying pressure vs. selling pressure) for each price bar/candlestick, thus allowing you to see where the SMART MONEY is participating in the markets. This is an extremely powerful tool for confirming turning points by pinpointing key price levels of support and resistance where institutional traders and larger individual traders have participated in the markets. Prices move if there is an imbalance in supply and demand, or if there’s a difference in belief between traders of what is high and what is low, which is exactly what this software is aimed to do. This will in turn translate into recurring scenarios from which to profit with high reward and low risk trading opportunities. This will definitely help give you an “edge” over other traders. The TCI Volume Delta Software ™ works extremely well for (day) trading index futures and stocks – and right now is only available on Trade Navigator, TradeStation, MultiCharts, Sierra Charts, and NinjaTrader*.

* Due to certain limitations in NinjaTrader, the TCI Volume Delta Software™ only works in real-time and does not provide historical data. Therefore, the TCI Volume Delta Software™ will only display data from the time you open up NinjaTrader.

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One of Todd Mitchell’s most successful students, Jared Putnam, created the Runway Software™. Jared has been a student of Trading Concepts since 2006 (click here for bio) and moderates the Live Forex Room and occasionally substitutes in the Live E-Mini Trading Room. After many years of trading, Jared has made some of his own market-related discoveries, which took the shape of a personal theory and plan of action. After seeing the same cycles play out over-and-over again, he finally isolated these recurring market characteristics and decided to create this software to help in his own trading. As Jared states, by seeing how a market has responded to recently created pressure areas enables the trader to better trade in agreement with the current dominant market condition, while also helping to highlight potential turning points.

The Runway Software™ is based on supply and demand theory which has been translated into algorithms that identifies the shifts in supply and demand. This in turn translates into recurring scenarios from which to profit with high reward and low risk trading opportunities. By using this software will not only help lower your stress level, but will help give you a stronger dose of self-confidence and conviction, which will help allow you to see the markets more clearly than ever before. The Runway Software™ works extremely well for (day) trading index futures, grains, metals, stocks and the forex market and is only available for Ninja Trader at the moment.


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