TCI Trend Software

Identify the Trend for Any Market or Time Frame

Applicable to any time frame or market, this software simplifies your trading and helps eliminate emotional decisions. Use it when trading futures, stocks, ETFs, commodities and the Forex market to stack the odds in your favor.

TCI Power Action Zones™

See the Most Favorable Price Entry Zones to Any Market on Any Time Frame

With TCI Power Action Zones™, in seconds you see the most favorable price entry zones into any market, whether you’re looking to enter long or short positions. So you can make entry decisions with greater confidence on any time frame.

TCI Floor Pivots Software™

Instantly Add Floor Trader Support and Resistance Pivot Levels to Your Charts

The TCI Floor Pivots Software™ automatically adds floor trader pivot levels to your charts – not only saving your time, but also instantly minimizing your trade risk.

The TCI 3 Software Package Special™

Try all three today for just $497 (a 28% discount).

Get $691 in trading software for far less than when you buy each one individually. Buy the TCI Trend Software™, TCI Power Action Zones™ and TCI Floor Pivots Software™ as a bundle and you save $194.

Convert Your Software

Convert Your Software from One Trading Platform to Another

Did you purchase software for one charting platform and now need it converted to a different one? No problem … or need to buy the software again. Simply use our converter and we’ll update your version so you can use it in another platform.

Choppiness Indicator

Introducing the Only Indicator Guaranteed to Predict Moves in Today’s Modern Market ...

This is the indicator that we use in conjunction with our Fractal Energy Trading methodology to produce consistent results.  Designed for Tradestation, thinkorswim, Metastock and Ninjatrader. Also included a short overview video tutorial for interpreting the readings.