Here's What Real People Like YOU Are Saying...

  • I believe that we have reached the “next level.”  Our trading is consistent and profitable.  Now I am enjoying two incomes.  I’m not sure how long I will endure the “double life,” but it’s good for now.

    David D.

  • I have really been enjoying the trading room. You are doing a great job explaining everything. Thanks

    Mike G.

  • Yes that is right I am happy with my +3.75 points.

    Joseph A.

  • Just went long on 3 minute at 40 percent. Got 2 points very quickly.

    Richard L.

  • The extra education helps a lot. I am not looking for a black box indicator. I like to understand what the market is telling me.

    Bobby D.

  • You guys are great… at +$287.50 for week so far.

    William R.

  • Just pulled in another 1 point, that’s 3 points for the day, I’m good for the day.

    Richard T.

  • I’m learning much from the trading room and I am glad that I’m participating.

    Joel L.

  • Congratulations!  You are doing a great job managing all of the moving parts of the trading room and all of the individual traders, too. Thanks again for your efforts!


  • That has to be the easiest explanation I have ever heard.

    Dell S.

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Here's What Real People Like YOU Are Saying...

  • Alan Igarashi

    Monterey, CA

  • Keith Chung

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Bryant Johnson

    Houston, TX

  • Shane Folie


  • Ed G.

    Las Vegas, NV

  • Steve Beman

    New Jersey

  • B. Samara


  • Marcus

    Hamburg, Germany

  • David Nye

    Wilmington, NC

  • Tim S.

    Washington State

  • Brian

    Durham, NC

  • Edward Turner

    Panama City Beach, FL

  • Pinda J

  • Brian Stenger

    Upstate New York

  • Keith A.

    Encinitas, CA

  • John Marsh

    Prince George, VA

  • Dave Bravender

    San Juan Capistrano, CA

  • John Moore

    Auckland, New Zealand

  • Mike Morse

    Oakland Park, KS

  • Bob C.

    Laguna Hills, CA

  • Nick A.

    Tampa, FL

  • Vince C.

    New York City, NY