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  • Made another 3 ES points on the Russell on the momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) trade off the 8 ema. Again, conservative on my PO’s, but it’s the Russell, so a little more cautious…up about 8.5 ES points so far this morning.

    Greg P.

  • I wanted to let you know that I have finally begun day trading the e-mini S&P. I’ve been viewing your daily videos and charts for the past few months. They’ve been invaluable. Thanks for all your help.

    Kambiz K.

  • I’ve made well over a million dollars (mostly in stock options) but I’m never quite satisfied that I have mastered any part of this crazy business.  That’s why your promise of a better fundamental understanding of trading behavior is so appealing to me. Looking forward to many TC ah-ha moments.

    Sidney L.

  • Thanks for a solid profitable week.

    Anthony W.

  • Mirrored you almost exactly on momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) NQ trade, turned losing day into winning day, thanks!

    Dan W.

  • Trading is going pretty well since mid-March when I started using your method live. In 6 total weeks all weeks have been profitable and 5 of the six weeks I have met my weekly target (9 points per contract).


  • I’ve come to realize that what you all are doing at Trading Concepts is the very top of the line and the place that we wish to invest our money for trader education.


  • I just finish FX Pro Trading Strategies, thank you for grate trading methodology!!!

    Vitaly K.

  • I find your program, with its daily comments and video, explanations and cautions, is very helpful and steadying for me in my trading. I was terrible with forex, and mediocre with futures, but with you and options I am having a great time.

    Joe R.

  • Having my best trading day in months. Up 10 points today.

    Dan G.

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Here's What Real People Like YOU Are Saying...

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