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  • I must say that joining your e-minis S&P futures program is one of my best decision to continue my education to build my trading journey.

    Mr. C.

  • I love all the members of your team. When I started 9 months ago, I never had a clue. Education is my primary objective and Trading Concepts has been the bedrock of my development. All the best.

    Antek S..

  • Holy cow….I made 6 points today.

    Cynthia H.

  • You delivered a very clear story. I learned a lot.

    Cornee J.

  • I am loving it. I have no regrets except when I go against the rules. You guys are talking about exactly what we need to hear.

    Curt D.

  • I have been getting a lot out of the trading room.

    Mike G.

  • Just sold a long trade and hit my daily targets for the day so I’m cashing out.

    Randy B.

  • A long time ago I was a student of another company, Todd beats them by light years!

    Michael B.

  • Up 3 points for the day and I’m done for this day. Up 1.5 points yesterday and 3 points today. Good start to the week. Thanks again.

    Mark L.

  • I’ve been at this for about 5 years now and this is without doubt the most amazing stuff I’ve ever read! I’ve always been aware of the fight between the conscious and sub-conscious mind but never had it explained in such a no-nonsense way. This document fills in so many gaps, I’m speechless. So often Traders never actually determine their motivations or where they want to get and wonder why they can’t reach their goals. This stuff is 1st class, thanks guys.

    Daren S.

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Here's What Real People Like YOU Are Saying...

  • Edward Turner

    Panama City Beach, FL

  • Keith Chung

    Los Angeles, CA

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    Monterey, CA

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    Tampa, FL

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    Houston, TX

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    Las Vegas, NV

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    Encinitas, CA

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    Durham, NC

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    New York City, NY

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    Oakland Park, KS

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    Auckland, New Zealand

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    Upstate New York

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    New Jersey

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    Wilmington, NC

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    Washington State

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    San Juan Capistrano, CA

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    Laguna Hills, CA

  • John Marsh

    Prince George, VA

  • Marcus

    Hamburg, Germany