Meet Your Trading Team


Todd Mitchell…
Head Trader, Founder & CEO of Trading Concepts

I began reading about, studying and researching the markets back in 1987, while I was still in college. Then one year later in 1988 I started to actively trade the markets with real money. My interest, which quickly led into fascination, in the futures and stock market began when I used to manually update my father’s charts on a daily basis. Then in 1990 when I graduated from college with a Business Finance degree, I was hooked and have been trading full-time …
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Doc Severson – Options Mentor

Doc Severson is one of Trading Concepts’ secret weapons and, until recently, was only known among an exclusive group of professional options traders. You see, Doc used to be your typical corporate guy, working too many hours and struggling to find a way to supplement his income so that he could get out of the ‘rat race’ and live the life he felt he deserved. As Doc crept into his 40s, his employment options were getting smaller and the opportunities for career advancement began narrowing. It was at this point that Doc realized that simply working for the ‘man’ was not safe – he needed to find an alternative way to make a living.Fascinated by the leverage and possibility provided by Options trading, Doc set out on a quest for mastery….
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Dave Lukas

Dave Lukas has been called a “Modern Day Renaissance Man.”  At just 29, Dave has been able to accomplish an incredible amount in his life.  Whether it is traveling to remote corners of the world, working with people such as Brian Tracy, speaking to Fortune 500 companies, developing his own companies, investing in real estate and the stock market, there is little that Dave has not accomplished.  He is also co-owner and VP of Global Sales and Development of Grasp Technologies, a high end software firm with offices in Columbus, OH and San Diego, CA.
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kreidDr. Kenneth Reid

To Master the Market, Master Your Trading Psychology

I have been actively involved in the equity and futures markets since 1996 as a trader, trading coach, financial newsletter editor and pundit. You might have read articles I’ve written for Forbes, SmartMoney and SFO Magazine, or perhaps you saw me on CNBC.

I hold a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, so I am aware that academic studies show that most traders lose money, even in a roaring bull market.

I work with all levels of traders, from beginners to top hedge fund traders, my Trading Coaching Program is customized just for you. Together, we will analyze your entire trading situation (emotional, mental and tactical) and formulate an individualized program that will take you to the next level in just six weeks.

Craig Hill – E-Mini Futures & Forex Mentor

Craig Hill has been involved in the financial markets since the end of 2005. He has experience in trading Futures, Forex, Equities, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and Optionson Equities and ETFs. He brings to Trading Concepts his dedication and passion for trading and teaching. He has trained and mentored hundreds of students in the Trading Concept’s methodology through the Trading Concept’s Live FOREX and Live E-Mini S&P500 Trading Rooms.
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Edward Turner – Forex Mentor

Along with three college degrees, Edward spent eleven years with CBS affiliates. During this time, he participated in radio and television broadcasting, television directing, appearing in commercials, and  worked as a sales account executive in a top forty television market. The following years found him exploring for oil and gas, primarily in Michigan and Ohio. In 1986, as president of Turner Petroleum Corporation, he closed the corporation to fulfill a boyhood dream (trading!) …
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About Trading Concepts

Founded in 1994, Trading Concepts quickly established a reputation as one of the industry’s finest educational companies in the world.   And as one of the oldest, most respected trading education companies in the industry, we’re proud to have mentored over 6,000 traders in Forex, E-mini futures, Options and Stock Trading bringing them powerful trading strategies and money management techniques that have previously only been available to professional traders.

Trading Concepts students come from a variety of backgrounds from new and intermediate traders all the way to professional traders, million dollar Market Makers and Wall Street professionals.

Leverage our decades of professional trading experience and learn how to become a student today.