Meet Doc Severson – Chief Options Trader & Mentor

Doc Severson is one of Trading Concepts’ secret weapons and, until recently, was only known among an exclusive group of professional options traders.

You see, Doc used to be your typical corporate guy, working too many hours and struggling to find a way to supplement his income so that he could get out of the ‘rat race’ and live the life he felt he deserved.

As Doc crept into his 40s, his employment options were getting smaller and the opportunities for career advancement began narrowing.

It was at this point that Doc realized that simply working for the ‘man’ was not safe – he needed to find an alternative way to make a living.

Fascinated by the leverage and possibility provided by Options trading, Doc set out on a quest for mastery.

Doc’s surrounded himself with some of the best options traders available and immersed himself in self-study 4-6 hours everyday after work.

Within 18 months of intense study, he was able to quit his job, shatter the glass ceiling and creating his own empire as a full-time trader.

Doc was the “golden child” of his mentors and was asked to travel much of the United States to show other traders how it was possible to achieve consistent monthly income month after month; however, Doc became increasingly frustrated because he felt that many traders were still missing an essential ingredient necessary to become successful.

Staying underground and quietly mentoring traders for years, he eventually was encouraged by veteran trader, Todd Mitchell, to share his unique strategies and methodologies for successful trading.

… and, as a result, the highly acclaimed OptionsMD Strategy Trading and Mentoring Program was born!