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While many “gurus” continue to debate whether traders are born or bred, Trading Concepts continues to compile success stores. In fact, we have more testimonials than any trading education and mentoring company in the world. For the last 20+ years, Trading Concepts has been the most trusted name in trading, having worked with traders at all levels - from total beginners to million-dollar market makers on Wall Street. When traders want to perform at their highest level, they come to Trading Concepts.

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Here's What Real People Like YOU Are Saying

  • I have been paper trading the OBIS with great results.

    Gregory M.

  • Calling it a day +4.50 points have a good night.

    Randy B.

  • The extra education helps a lot. I am not looking for a black box indicator. I like to understand what the market is telling me.

    Bobby D.

  • Taking winning probability to a new level.

    Chris S.

  • “ think I’m done for the week, I’ll take my 9.5 points for my 1st week and be happy.

    Keith M.

  • I had two awesome trades today.

    Rocky W.

  • Hey Craig, Great job on the 11.5 point day… Keep up the great work!!!!

    Dennis F.

  • In a week and a half- I’ve won 14 out of 19 trades!

    Stephanie A.

  • Great day! 15 points in my account.

    Thomas S.

  • Another great day of trading. Placed 3 trades, all of them made me money.


  • Thanks for the day. I learned a lot as well as being up 2.5 points for the day.

    Neil D.

  • I took that trade with you and your reasoning was good. Took 2 points and yes I see what you’re saying about volume!

    Dan G.

  • Your life has been blessed and now you are being a blessing to other people’s lives.  Thank you for all your work.

    Todd C.

  • 6.25 points for the day.

    Alice M.

  • I’ve been a part of the Options MD program with Doc now for a year or so. You guys seem like you really want to teach and help people.


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Trade E-Minis

  • Trade for Daily Income
  • Perfect for Standard Commodities (like gold & oil) or the Popular Index Funds (like the S&P, Russell or Nasdaq)
  • Designed for Day Traders

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Trade Forex

  • Trade for Daily and Weekly Income
  • Perfect for Traders Who Need Flexibility in Their Schedule (Open 24 Hours a Day, 5+ Days a Week)
  • Designed for Day and Swing Traders

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Trade Options

  • Trade for Weekly and Monthly Income
  • Perfect for Trading an IRA, Supplement Income or Benefiting from Extraordindary Gains with Limited Capital
  • Designed for Swing Traders and Investors

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Trade Stocks

  • Trade for Daily and Weekly Income
  • Perfect for Traders Seeking a Unique Perspective on Trading Stocks That’s Safer, More Consistent and More Rewarding
  • Designed for Day and Swing Traders

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What Makes Us Different

Aside from the thousands of testimonials, proven trading history, robust strategies, and awards and recognitions, our approach is what makes Trading Concepts truly unique. You see, with our exclusive online mentoring programs, we don’t just provide you with an edge, we stick by you every step of the way with unlimited, lifetime online access to our trading mentors and trading community. If it’s results you want, we do our best to make it happen for you.


Master Trading Fundamentals & Trade Like a Pro!

  • COMPREHENSIVE Instruction & Training
  • INTERACTIVE Online Members Area 100%
  • DISCLOSED Trading Strategies
  • UNLIMITED LIFETIME Personal Online Mentoring

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Diversify With Options 

Diversify with Options!

  • WEEKLY & MONTHLY Income Opportunities
  • ROBUST Trading Strategies for Today’s Market
  • COMPREHENSIVE Trade Management
  • STRATEGIES designed to provide high-probability, consistent and low-risk income.

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Follow Our Traders as They Make REAL Trades!

  • WATCH REAL TRADERS place and manage their trades.
  • UPDATES on market conditions and the strategies we use to profit from them.
  • INTERACT WITH YOUR MENTOR with questions and comments for the ultimate edge.

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Maintain Your Edge with Continuing Education

  • COMPREHENSIVE tools and strategies for profiting in any market condition
  • UNLIMITED, LIFETIME Online Support
  • UNLIMITED, LIFETIME Online Course Access
  • LIFETIME Updates

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Meet Your Traders

Todd Mitchell
Doc Severson
Principal Options Trader
Craig Hill
Dr. Kenneth Reid
Edward Turner


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